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Do you offer socially beneficial solutions? Reach out with your story.


We have always communicated important messages through story to reach our listeners. This is still true in today’s digital age.

Programme Erasmus+ Cooperation partnerships in School Education (Call 2023: KA210-ADU)

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In order to strengthen non-profit organizations, together with our partners in Italy (L’Altra Città) and Lithuania (Alytus Music School), we have prepared a comprehensive practical storytelling course where you will learn:

  • Formulate the message in the form of a story to appeal to the target group
  • Use different social networks to reach the target group
  • Use music and other artistic means to support your story
  • Formulate your message to effectively reach your target audience (copywriting)
  • Create digital content using Canva
  • Create video animations to support your story narrative

The course will be led by experienced experts in the field of social media presentation, copywriting, image and video creation, use of music and artistic presentation tools.

During the course you will meet representatives of the non-profit sector from Italy and Lithuania and share your stories with them. The course is now open for 10 participants from the Czech Republic

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